What is the 24 Karat Plated ?

Purity of gold rate in our country "setting" in many countries, the "carat" is expressed in words. 99.9% 24 Carat Gold, 18 Carat and 75% 58% 14 K pure. The coatings are made with 18 Carat in many places and are normally tarnish coating makes the time after. Has 24 carat gold, so we use our coatings.

Gold Plated Made Products Görürmü Loss ?
Imported from Europe are water-based fluids. Certainly there is no harm and zehirsizdir.Yaptığımız process, your products will not harm in any way. All weather conditions (hot, cold, humidity) are resistant, do not lose their brilliance and sparkle.

Which products Kaplatabiliriz Gold ?
All products in the sample Conductor: Silver, Copper, Steel, Nickel, Chrome, 24 carat gold wrap. For example, Faucets, Cutlery & Knives, Car Ablemleri, guns, sports equipment, accessories, Boats and yachts, motorcycles.

Needs To Make Gold Plated Product Removal ?
24 Carat Gold Plated dismantling the product to be in place, with a constant or an external olarakta sökülüpte done. You can make your dreams a very short time. For days, weeks do not have to wait!

Gold Plated Made Products Fade ya ?
24 Carat Gold Plated your products to the blackout, corrosion, oxidation, absolutely not. Because HAS THE GOLD, (as it is known tarnish 24-carat gold and stainless steel) GUARANTEED!

Coating Products Size Limit Have to Do ?
The newly developed Mobile Coating technology machines, a little money, until the coating is done on the roof of a house, there is no size limit.

If you are very far away from us !
Worked Shipping Companies (Domestic Shipping-Aras Cargo) with no problem! that you send us the product in 3 or 4 days, you can deliver as coated.

Coatings Guaranteed and Certified !

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