Whether an emblem, wheel rims, engine parts exposed to the intense heat, a bathroom faucet, golf items, stainless steel cutlery or other metal items, or even the preferred piece of jewelry, the real gold coating systems to meet any customer requirements in different market areas.

Are ways to coat it really anywhere: automotive, maritime, aerospace, household, motor sports, sports equipment, musical instruments and jewelry and much more. The limit is actually only in your imagination.

Oxidized gold as a precious metal and will not corrode! With proper care, the coated article is thus obtained a lifetime of its luster.

There is no limit in the size of the coated part to what you want to coat. Be it a penny or a minivan, let our system conform to every part size. Thus, it is very easy to get any time perfect and professional results.

We see ourselves as a service provider for the industry and for individuals, in addition, we cooperate with strong companies from various industries, and have therefore revised the presentation of our portfolio.
Oversize prototype small-scale mass production
Design-development-enhancing products - oxidation protection
Anti-corrosion Special Collections-Teilvergoldung
Co-product processing trade gift ideas
Advertising promotional gifts-polishing-grinding
at your site, without dismantling - and style
-Restoration-re-gilding Teilvergoldung advisory planning

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